NEW! Holistic Way VegeCal

Introducing our latest product, Holistic Way VegeCal:

– Consists of Aquamin™, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and Zinc
– Aquamin™ is a unique source of marine multi-mineral complex
– Derived from pure 100% organic red seaweed
– Suitable for vegetarians/vegans

This unique red seaweed is high in dietary fiber and is calcium bioavailability. Seaweed is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, which provides a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Thus far, scientific research has identified how Aquamin™ can enhance quality of life in improving bone, joint and digestive health. This sustainable plant source has gained popularity in recent years as compared to other non-plant-source of calcium.

From Lithothamnion, Aquamin™ is harvested in a sustainable manner and in the cool, clean and pristine waters off the coast of Ireland. In time of harvesting, Aquamin™ absorbs minerals in the ocean water and is extracted in such a way that they are more easily absorbed including magnesium. Marine magnesium from Aquamin™ is not only high bioavailability, but also contains other trace minerals to support heart and bone health.

On the other hand, vitamin D3 plays a vital role in protecting our bones and our body requires it to absorb calcium. It is naturally available in only a few foods, including fatty fish like salmon and fortified milk or dairies. As another fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin K plays a biological role by help to move calcium into the proper areas in our body, such as bones and teeth. A balance between calcium, vitamin K2, vitamin D and magnesium is essential to maintain healthy bone matrix.

Aquamin™ is a trademark of Marigot Ltd, Ireland