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Care for your crowning glory.

Apart from nails, hair is another extension from our body that can give us signs on our overall health. The secret to thick, shiny, strong hair lies on the diet that you eat. On average, a person loses about 100 hairs a day, this is absolutely normal and will not make you feel your hair appears thinner. Unless the hair starts to feel markedly thinner, then you should feel worry and look out for the culprit.

hair follicle_1One of the reasons behind hair thinning could be due to too little Iron or Zinc in your diet. Iron and Zinc may help hair follicles to grow. Paired your high Iron food with a glass of orange juice to boost the iron absorption. Lean red meat is always your choice. Alternatively, for non-meat lover, a bowl of steamed spinach with beans and lentils will be good to boost your Iron and Zinc level. Spinach is also rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C to support our overall health.  It acts as a natural conditioner for hair as it helps to regulate production of sebum. This superfoods may improve the condition of mineral-deficiency type of unhealthy hair.

As hair is made of protein, ensuring that we have enough protein in our diet is essential to make our hair strong and healthy. Our hair is likely to become dry and weak if we do not consume enough protein in our diet. Feed your hair by eating lean Omega-3 fatty acids rich fish, eggs or chicken to supply the hair with amino acids that it needs to remain shiny, strong and lustrous. Moreover, our body also needs folic acid to restore the health of red blood cells, which in turn supply skin and scalp with oxygen.

avocadoThe skin on our scalp renew itself every month. Diets that are heavy on the sugar and starch often lead to sensitive scalp. Healthy hair indeed begin with healthy scalp. We should always go for more fruits and vegetables with zinc, biotin and silica. Some of the fresh produce that fall under this will be cabbage, avocado, broccoli, guava and sweet potatoes. It’s all about our diet that matters. By includes a variety of healthy foods, it will give you the mane you have always dreamed of.

“JR Life Sciences” Hair Grow is specially formulated to contain Gingko Biloba which may enhance blood flow to the scalp and also Cysteine which is vital to keep hair thick and lustrous. Also added with hé shǒu wū, a widely used Chinese herb popular for the remedy of gray hair. Be rest assured with safe food grade ingredients and make hair care a breeze for your family!

Prepared by Nutritionist Jen, 10th Apr 2018