PPARs: The Perfect Cell Food CS-W87 Micro-Algae

Rich in PPARs Agonist, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and PhytoNutrients

PEROXISOME PROLIFERATOR-ACTIVATED RECEPTOR (PPARs) CS-W87 Micro-Algae with Green Tea Polyphenols is a complete micro-nourishment food source derived from high grade organic micro-algae which scientists call “The Perfect Cell Food” for the enormous health benefits that it brings. Rich in natural PPARs Agonists and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) for the regulation of cell development and metabolism, it is a perfect source of natural cell nutrition. Fortified with natural blend of Polyphenols* including Catechin from green tea for added antioxidants and cardiovascular protection. It is suitable for people of all ages from infants to elderly. This readily digestible micro-algae formula brings together all the body’s needed nutrients that supports the immune system. PPARs with Green Tea Polyphenols is a natural formula with a complete nutritional profile rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Chlorophyll and Chlorella Growth Factor, along with natural PPARs fortified with Green Tea Polyphenols, including Catechin. As flavonoids, Catechin is a powerful antioxidant that may help to promote healthy body fat metabolism and weight management.


*Our Green Tea Polyphenols including Catechin are naturally extracted from green tea using our proprietary non-chemical processes to preserve the natural goodness of the product.


Recognized as one of the most promising biomedical molecules of the 21st century. PPARs agonist assists in the differentiation, development and metabolism of cells. It is being researched by all the major pharmaceutical companies. CS-W87 micro-algae has been proven to contain PPARs agonist with 3 isoform types: Alpha, Delta (beta) and Gamma affects the following: α (alpha) – expressed in liver, kidney, heart, muscle, adipose tissue, and others. β/δ (beta/delta) – expressed in many tissues but markedly in brain, adipose tissue, and skin. γ (gamma) – expressed in virtually all tissues, including heart, muscle, colon, kidney, pancreas and spleen.

Micro-Bio-Nutrition supports healthy functioning of the following:

tea leaf_V2

1. Strengthen Body’s Natural Defense

2. Cell Development and Metabolism

3. Cognitive Function

4. Healthy Brain Function

5. Bone Health

6. Joint Health

7. Extreme Tiredness

8. Kidney Health

9. Healthy Blood Sugar Level

10. Injuries/Wounds

11. Cardiovascular and Heart Health

12. Healthy Blood Circulation

13. Healthy Vision

14. Detox Heavy Metals and Toxins

15. Gastrointestinal Health

16. Colon Health

17. Digestive Health

18. Liver Health

19. Nervous System

20. Healthy Body Weight Maintenance

21. Dermal Health

Microalgae: The Most Nutrient-Dense Food on Planet Earth

CS-W87 was affirmed by the Ministry of Health, Taiwan to be effective in regulating the immune system by

1. Support cell proliferator capability
2. Enhance Macrophage cell activity
3. Enhance nature killer cell activity
4. Enhance IFN-g cytokine secretion

  • 20%