Quick Tips on Joint Health

Posted by Nutritionist Jen, 5th Sept 2017

Some quick tips on joint health:

1. Watch your weight! Keeping your weight within healthy range is the best thing one can do

2. Do some low impact exercises (bicycling or swimming) to increase joint mobility

3. Know your limits and modify exercises that may cause joint pain

4. Improve on your posture (no slouching!), stand and sit up straight

5. Help your joints by strengthening your core (chest, back and abdomen)

6. Take joint supplements to help keep your joints strong and healthy


What to look for in joint supplement

– Glucosamine Sulphate* to repair and strengthen cartilage. Cartilage connects the bones in body apart from allowing mobility

– Chondroitin Sulphate* to help cartilage to hold water and nutrients, apart from work as shock absorbent

– MSM to act as raw material for our body to make cartilage

*Highest potency when the two are combined