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Genie-edit “After consuming “Holistic Way” PPARs for 3 years, I can feel my bowel movement improving. Apart from that, my immunity is getting better. I get less likely to fall sick. What I want to emphasize more is, even though I am going through menopause now, I just simply can’t feel anything!!! At the same time, I also consume “Holistic Way” B50 Complex. After taking B50 Complex, I feel more energetic, less stressful and not getting tired easily.

Besides that, I also start taking “Holistic Way” Glucosamine/Chondroitin in recent two years that helps improve my joint health also. Moreover, I am also taking “Holistic Way” Omega-3 Meg-3. As people grow older, they will normally have dry eye but I don’t have any of these after taking Omega 3 fish oil for about 5 years. I can feel my memory and vision getting better.

After I consumed all these supplements, I start to recommend these supplements to my daughter back in Philippines and I will mail them monthly from Singapore. Even my husband benefits from supplements from “Holistic Way”. Thank you “Holistic Way” for driving my family towards a better health.”

— Genie, 49

Sally-Tan-edit“For me, I am very particular on my appearance. I have been taking “Holistic Way” Collagen, Babeskin Sheep Placenta and Skin White for 3 years and apparently my skin looks more radiant with complexion. By taking “Holistic Way” Babeskin Sheep Placenta, it helps in reducing my face pigmentation. The pigment looks lighter and less visible. Moreover, this product helps in skin regeneration and cell renewal. Thus, helps in making the fine lines on my face less obvious and makes me looks younger.

Besides that, I also consume Collagen and it did helps to make my skin firmer and more elastic! With added antioxidant properties of this product, it makes me feel anti-aging and looks more youthful. Similarly, I am taking “Holistic Way” Skin White because of its skin-lightening effect. I noticed my skin lighten to a whiter shade and brighter. The high antioxidant properties of Skin White also helps in protect my skin against free radical damage.

I highly recommend to use topical application such as cream to enhance the result. Thank you “Holistic Way” for making up the difference.“

— Sally Tan, 60

“I am always supportive on beauty supplements. I have been consuming “JR Life Sciences” Evening Primrose Oil and “Holistic Way” Skin White for 4 years and it did helps me a lot! Upon consuming Skin White, my skin becomes fairer and it totally get rid of my eczema! In the past, I used to have a lot visible scars on my face and white spots. After taking this product, people hardly realized there are spots and scars on my face anymore.

On the other hand, I was taking Evening Primrose Oil to help in my menses. My menses becomes more regular and my skin condition did improved as well, so does my hair and nail. In addition to that, this Omega 6 also improves the joint inflammation that I used to have for some time.

Apart from that, for the past 1 year, I start to consume “Holistic Way” Spots Fade and “Holistic Way” Glamour Glow also. Ever since then, these two products have been added to my beauty bucket list until now. Subsequently, the pigments on my face are even lesser and less visible. It was really a synergistic effect by taking Skin White and Spots Fade together. As for Glamour Glow, obviously my hair drop less frequently and my nails looks healthier.

Thank you “Holistic Way” and “JR Life Sciences” for your product range. We might not see the difference by now, but for sure we will regret if we do not start to consume now.“

— Jenny Fe, 42

“My stomach always feel bloated and my digestion was not that good before. After taking “Holistic Way” Acidophilus for the past 6 years, my stomach feels very much less bloated and my digestion feels much better. I also less likely to get into diarrhea. Until recent years, I extend my consumption for supplements range by taking “Holistic Way” B50 Complex and “JR Life Sciences” Royal Jelly 1000mg. I feel more energetic and less lethargy after consuming these two products. My immune system also improved and I will not get sick easily compared to last time. Overall, my skin complexion improved as well. Thus, I am glad to have “Holistic Way” in my life. Their products enable me to get additional nutrients in order for me to maintain general well-being.”

— Abe, 37

“I strongly believe beauty is from within. I have been taking “Holistic Way” Babeskin Sheep Placenta and “Holistic Way” Skin White for 3 years and now I am still taking it! I observed my face feels less dry, more fresh and energized after taking Babeskin. Apart from that, I also noticed my skin becomes firmer with more elasticity. By taking Skin White together, I had a better skin tone and the skin also appears to be brighter and glowing.  Moreover, my pigmentation getting lesser and thus I can feel my skin smoother and more radiant.

As for “JR Life Sciences” Lecithin, the significant effect that I observed by taking it is the increase in my metabolism rate. I had been taking Lecithin supplement for 4 years and I am always happy with the result. Maintenance starts from young.”

— Cecille, 30

“I used to have very bad eczema and psoriasis. However, after I start to consume “Holistic Way” PPARs 3 years ago, my skin condition improves exponentially! Both my legs don’t feel the itchiness anymore. I used to beset by this for years and I was really glad to be introduced to this product. Apart from improved skin’s condition, I appear to be more energetic, even my nails become less brittle and my hair feels fuller and I even noticed a little bit of baby hair on the brim of forehead.

Moreover, I also spot that I had slimmed down after consuming PPARs. It did helps in my weight management plan. Besides that, I used to have gastric problem and my stomach gets bloated easily. After consuming PPARs, all these problems get resolved and less likely to recur. It helps in my digestion as well, so does in my nose allergy. No more sneezing for me in the morning! I even recommend PPARs to my whole family and all of us benefit from it.”

— Jackie, 64

“Previously, I always can feel numbness on both my hands. After taking “Holistic Way” Omega 3-6-9 for the past 4 years, now the symptom totally disappeared! I was really amazed by this. It helps in my blood circulation as well. Seemingly, I feel more zestful. I also noticed this product assists in regulating my blood pressure. Once, my blood pressure used to be around 135/80 and now it become 125/70 recently. I am really delighted by this. Moreover, when I went for a lipid profile test, I observed that there is also an increase in my HDL level! My sleeping quality also improved thereafter.

As for “Holistic Way” Babeskin Sheep Placenta, there is notable anti-aging properties that helps in my skin after eating this product. I can feel my skin firmer and more elastic. What makes me happier is when my friends and relatives commented on my age that looks younger than my actual age. Thank you “Holistic Way” for bringing my skin alive.”

— Molly, 63

“I had been taking “Holistic Way” Collagen and “Holistic Way” Royal Jelly for 3 years and I experienced a lot of difference after taking these supplements. My wrinkles appear to be finer and I can feel my skin become suppler, firmer with more elasticity after I consume Collagen supplement. Apart from that, it also helps in my joint and hair health. When I touch my hair, I can feel my hair getting fuller and thicker, at the same time drop lesser. Together with Collagen, I am taking “Holistic Way” Timed-Release Vitamin C to compliment in my collagen supplement.  After taking Vitamin C, my sinus improved and I can feel my immune system getting better also.

On the other hand, by eating Royal Jelly, it helps improve my immune system. I become less likely to fall sick and my digestion also getting better, thus assisting me in maintaining my body figure. I also feel more energetic and slow-aging! My skin condition also improve as well. Really appreciate to have these products.”

— Joy, 39

“For me, I strongly believe you are what you eat. I had been taking “Holistic Way” Babeskin Sheep Placenta and “Holistic Way” Collagen supplements for 5 years and I can really feel the difference in my skin! After taking Babeskin, it did aids in my pigmentation problem and I can see the spots on my face getting lightened. Apart from that, my wrinkles seem less visible and this product also helps to clear the dead skin on my face, thus rejuvenate cell growth. Moreover, I even feel my face baby-looked pinkish! I feel young again.

As for Collagen, from my skin I can feel elasticity and tightness after consuming it. My skin looks brighter and more radiant after all. On top of that, my joint also benefits from eating this. I feel my joint is back again. Thank you “Holistic Way”.”

— Tracy, 61

“My blood pressure has always been high (150/100). Until 2 years ago, I start to eat “Holistic Way” PPARs then I realized it helps in lowering my blood pressure. From the latest blood pressure test, I observe my blood pressure drop to normal level! This really cheer me up. The reading was only 130/80. Apart from that, I hardly get sick. It enhances my immune system substantially. Even my PMS improved after eating PPARs! Another health problem that I used to have is migraine. Shortly after consuming PPARs, I completely feel better.

Besides that, I am also taking “Holistic Way” Evening Primrose Oil along with PPARs to treat my PMS. Evidently, I feel no more pain! In addition to that, it helps in my skin also. My skin looks more radiant and bright. Recently, I begin to consume “Holistic Way” Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM for my joint health. Although I only consume for 6 months, I no longer feel pain in my joint! Really feel joyful with “Holistic Way” that make a difference!”

— Shirly O, 44