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JR636 – Lecithin 1200mg (65 Softgels)

SGD 26.00
5 out of 5

Holistic Way Premium Lecithin 1200 mg is extracted from Non-GMO soya beans. It may help support the breaking down of fats and support healthy blood circulation in the body. It also helps support liver health and may help support the memory capacity of elderly people as well as healthy cognitive function among younger people.

JR655 – Liver Tonic (90 Veg. Caps)

SGD 60.00

Holistic Way Liver Tonic is a special formulation that uses specially selected herbs that may help in the improvement of your health and general well being and may also help in maintaining healthy digestive functions in your digestive system. It is important to take care of our liver because it regulates most chemical levels in the blood.

JR408 – High Grade Lecithin 1200mg (300 Softgels)

SGD 68.00

JR Life Sciences High Grade Lecithin 1200mg is a natural emulsifier derived from NON-GMO soybeans. Lecithin may help assist the breakdown of body fats and lipids. Lecithin may help support healthy fats and blood lipids metabolism.

• May help the body to metabolise fats

• Supports healthy blood lipids levels

• Supports healthy brain development

JR104 – Milk Thistle (240 Softgels)

SGD 89.00
4 out of 5

Traditional herbal medicine to protect the liver.