Effective weight management through 100% natural healthy detox slimming.

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JR679 – SlimMax (60 Veg. Caps)

SGD 59.00

Holistic Way SlimMax weight management supplement is specially formulated to contain Conjugated Linoleic Acid powder and multiple herbals. CLA is a fatty acid that may help to promote healthy body fat metabolism and weight management. Green tea contains important antioxidants that include Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and polyphenols that may help in fat oxidation and metabolism. Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid within green coffee bean may help in healthy blood sugar metabolism in body. Red pepper or Cayenne may help regulate an individual appetite. Black pepper may help support a healthy fat cells metabolism. Ginger and Cardamom may help to promote a healthy digestive system.

JR401 – SHAPE~TEA® Slimming Tea – Detox and Shape in Style (25 Sachets)

SGD 25.00

Get In Shape The Natural Way

• 100% Herbal Blend

• USA Formulated

• Caffeine Free

• Detox & Assists Quick Weight Loss

• No Added Additive, Preservative or Colouring

• Delicious Chrysanthemum Flavoured Tea

Formulated in the United States, this 100% herbal blend has remarkable weight loss inducing properties to keep you looking great always.

SHAPE~TEA® contains a unique and active ingredient GARCINIA CAMBOGIA. It is traditionally used to slow down the enzyme process that is responsible in producing fat within the body’s cells. It enables the body to metabolize fat more efficiently, thereby inhibiting the body’s ability to make and store fat. Coupled with the other ingredients in this unique formula, this tasty tea also detoxifies and cleanses the body by acting as a mild lubricant that gently encourages the digestive function to perform at its optimum.

SHAPE~TEA® is not just a diet aid, but rather a herbal supplement to a complete weight reduction program.

So, for the shape you’ve always wanted, try a cup today.